Inter-departmental postgraduate programme

School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Department of Biomedical Sciences, International Hellenic University

Master programme duration

Scientific and clinical expertise in the field of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases

Teaching method

Face-toface and e-learning


Graduates of disciplines relevant to the field of Sciences and Health Sciences


The master programme "Vaccines and Infectious Diseases" integrates applied scientific research, theory and clinical study, aiming at the methods of their prevention, diagnosis, surveillance and treatment and of course the available vaccines to deal with them both with the new technologies M-RNA and VIRAL VECTORS as well as older technologies. Vaccine Research, Development and Clinical Trials, Infectious Disease Immunology, Molecular Epidemiology, Epidemiological Surveillance, COVID-19 and Long-COVID-19, Emerging Diseases, Bioterrorism, Clinical and Laboratory Investigation of Infectious Diseases, Immunological, Microbiological and Molecular Techniques and of course Safety of Vaccines and Pharmacovigilance are some of the fields that will be developed.

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